Meal planning and cooking
made fun and easy

Eating out every day is not healthy and affordable in the long run. Getting a home cooked meal on the table, on the other hand, can be tiring and stressful. Not anymore - Spiciko makes home cooked meals a breeze to plan and prepare.

A beautiful recipe collection

Your precious recipe collection gets elegant and modern look.

Search all your recipes by title or ingredients. Pin the recipes that you cook often at the top of the list for quick and easy access.

Sort your recipes by various sorting options for a more convinient browsing.

Quick and easy recipe storing

Type a recipe manually with as little or as much information as you like.

Snap a photo of a recipe in a magazine, your favorite cookbook or a handwritten recipe.

Search and import recipes from the web. Hundreds of popular recipe websites are supported.

Organize by categories

Create perfect order for your recipes with categories.

Beautiful category icons make the navigation easier.

Customize the existing categories or add new ones.

Meal Planning

Save time and money by planning your meals ahead and avoid the stress of deciding what to eat.

Easily add recipes from your collection or add custom notes for when you are eating out or eating leftovers.

Interactive Recipes

Screen stays on while you cook.

Keep track of your progress by crossing off completed ingredients.

Tap to highlight the current directions step.

Shopping List

Easily add ingredients from a recipe straight to your list.
Ingredients are grouped by recipe.

Cloud Sync

Upload and backup your recipes to our cloud server.

Sync your recipes, categories and shopping list across all of your devices.

Spiciko - Recipe Keeper is available on all iOS devices.

Your purchase is valid for all your devices

Spiciko - Recipe Keeper is free to download and try out.

You can save up to 20 recipes in the free version.

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